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Example DASYLab/instruNet instruments ("worksheets" in DASYLab lingo) are available for FREE at instrunet.com/ftp/DASYLab/. To download, visit this website address with a browser and then right-click SAVE AS on the "Primary instruNet DasyLab Examples...zip" file. After downloading, one can then load these into DASYLab (select OPEN under FILE from within DASYLab). In many cases, the input and output icons will reference hardware channels that do not exist on your computer. To make these work, one must open all instruNet input and output icons, and for each, select a valid channel (i.e. press Channel Select button). Below is a summary of some of the instruments.

Digitizes from 3 different analog input channels at 20ks/sec/ch rate, and plots all 3 in one display. Blocksize is set to 8K points.

Digitizes from analog input channel at 10ks/sec/ch rate and feeds this to analog output channel at same sample rate, with a 0.8 second (2 blocks) delay between the two. The Output icon operates in high speed mode ("continuous"). instruNet timebase sets sample period and block size. If one wanted the delay between input and output to be less than 0.8 seconds, then they would decrease the block size.

Similar to above, yet sample rate is 50s/sec/ch, block size is 1 point, output mode is low speed ("single value"), output occurs at the end of each block (at the 50s/sec/ch rate), and the delay between input and ouput is 1 sample period (20mSec).

Similar to above, yet sample rate is faster (1000s/sec/ch) and block size is 50 points. This causes outputting of a point (to each output channel) to occur every 50mSec and inputting of a point (from each input channel) to occur every 1mSec. If the input was faster (> 1ks/sec/ch), then the output would not operate properly since i2x0/i60x controllers cannot do high speed input (> 1ks/sec/ch) and single value output at the same time, as noted here (this applies to both the i200/i230 controllers and the i240/i60x USB controller).

Similar to above, yet analog output is driven by the DASYLab Function Generator icon instead of the instruNet analog input icon. Notice that within the Function Generator icon is an Options button, and within this dialog one selects the timebase that drives the output; and this is set to one of: instruNet, DASYLab, or DemoDriver.