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  • Make sure you are running on iNet32.dll version ≥ 3.6 (not v3.0.x). To see what version is installed, run instruNet World software and select ABOUT in the HELP menu. To get the latest DLL, please click here.
  • In some cases, DasyLab will either return error 96 "output channel buffer underflow" or will not support the your desired sample rate (e.g. 500 s/sec/ch works ok yet 10k s/sec/ch does not work). Buffer underflow means DasyLab is not able to get enough time to output a value. Increasing the # of blocks delay in the instruNet output icon sometimes helps. Below are more comments on what effects buffer and maximum sample rate behavior.
  • The DasyLab instruNet Analog Output icon runs in either High-Speed or Low-Speed mode. If one does not work well for your application, please consider the other.
  • Low Speed output mode - When running Low Speed i/o, the computer must be able to get instruNet i2x0/i60x processor time to do its output when this processor is not busy with integration. If the sample period is close to the aggregate integration time, then DL has trouble getting instruNet processor time to do low speed i/o. Decreasing total integration time helps. For details, see Sample Rate Vs. Integration Time Vs. Noise.
  • If you are working with DASYLab ≤ v13 and more than 8 instruNet channels, click here.
  • The DasyLab Digital Input and Output icons operate in Low Speed mode when working with single digital i/o bit channels, as noted here. To run them in High Speed mode, you need to use an Analog output channel set to .2V (0) or 4V (1), or use an analog input channel and test for > 2V (1); and run these analog channels in High Speed mode. Or, access the digital i/o group channel, as noted here. High Speed mode eliminates the need to interrupt the i2x0/i60x processor and allows for faster I/O.
  • When running High Speed output (i.e. "Continous" mode selected within Output icon), one must have at least one input channel (i.e. analog input icon) on the worksheet.
  • If you want your digitizing to run faster, open any input icon, press the "Set Global instruNet Parameters" button, and then set the "Switch Channel" option to " Fast" (instead of Accurate).
  • For example DASYLab/instruNet worksheets, please click here.