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VB Scope and VB Instrument v2 do not run without vb studio installed

Version 2.0 of VB Scope and VB Instrument crash on launch without Microsoft Visual C/C++ installed. To fix this, download (drag to desktop) the file at http://www.instrunet.com/ftp/vb_fix_may04/, decompress the .uue file, and then read the read me.

Older versions of Direct To Excel conflict with newer Windows/Excel
Update to latest Direct To Excel software, as noted here.

Windows 95 and NT with v2.0 instruNet Software, GetMenuInfo link error #36
Version 2.0 is not compatible w/ Windows 95 and NT and will produce a "GetMenuInfo link error #36". Upgrade to lastest iNet32.dll (≥ v2.0.1).

MoveSixteen or 5561 Error with i230 pcmcia card
Upgrade to lastest iNet32.dll (≥ v2.0.2).

Internet Explorer <5.01
If you are running Internet Explorer (IE) Web Browser <5.01, please install the latest IE. This is a limitation of the .Net Framework.

Simultaneous Input and Output with i100 Box on Macintosh Computer
If other applications are open, on some Macintosh computer setups, the Mac processor may not have time to get data into the output buffers.

File SAVE error
Punctuations in channel names (username) can cause file i/o errors (e.g. commas).

Scrolling thru long waves conflicts with iNet32.dll version <= 1.32
Upgrade to lastest iNet32.dll (version > v1.32)

Setting up >25 sensors in one Channel Setup dialog session can run into problem
Upgrade to lastest iNet32.dll.

i230 Conflicts with Quatech DAQP-16 pcmcia card next to i230
Upgrade to latest iNet32.dll.

"VM Error" alert with iNet32.dll version ≤ 1.32
Upgrade to lastest iNet32.dll (version > v1.32).

Printing record waveforms to Adobe Distiller does not work properly
This occurs on some setups. Try upgrading to lastest iNet32.dll and latest Adobe Distiller software.

Discontinued Products
For a list of discontinued products, click here.